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If you're living without a will, you're leaving your family unprepared in the event of illness or death. With a will created by a wills attorney, you can dictate what will happen in the event you fall seriously ill or pass away. Living wills are especially important as COVID-19 impacts our community.

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Why you need a living will

A living will goes into use if you or a loved one are unable to communicate due to a serious injury or illness. A will can:

  • Provide direction for your treatment
  • Reassure your family of your wishes
  • Help those around you make the right call
With a living will, you can protect yourself and your family from needless suffering. It will provide direction for your end-of-life medical care. You can also designate who has durable financial or health care power of attorney, granting that person the power to make decisions on your behalf.

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