Have You Been Charged With Theft or Robbery?

Protect your rights with the help of a professional theft lawyer in Woodbridge, VA

Being charged with theft or robbery can lead to major issues. You could face high fines, jail time or both. You deserve to tell your side of the story before a verdict is given. Let an attorney help you through this tough time.

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Understand the difference between theft and robbery

While many people use theft and robbery interchangeably, they are different according to the law. Here are the basic definitions:

  • Theft - Any unlawful act of taking a person's property with no intention of returning it to the rightful owner.
  • Robbery - A form of theft, robbery includes the use of intimidation or violence in order to take another's property.

Whether you need a theft lawyer or a robbery attorney in Woodbridge, VA, trust attorney Swajger to handle your case. Email today to discuss your situation.