Have You Broken the Rules of Your Probation?

A probation violation lawyer in Woodbridge, VA can help

It can be liberating to have probation rather than serving jail time. Unfortunately, it's easy to violate probation and end up in major trouble with the court. In times like these, work with a probation violation lawyer for help.

Scott Swajger Attorney at Law can defend your rights when you need probation violation help. His legal experience includes working with many clients on probation and helping them get a fair deal after their violation. With his guidance, you can make sure your voice is heard.

Trust an attorney who has worked with the Woodbridge, VA courts for decades. Talk to attorney Swajger today about your situation.

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What you should know about probation violations

Violating your probation in Woodbridge, VA can carry additional charges, such as:

  • An extended probation period
  • Additional restrictions on your daily life
  • Serving out your probation period in jail

A probation violation lawyer can help you deal with this situation. Call Scott Swajger Attorney at Law now to get the probation violation help you need.