Don't Pay for an Accident You Didn't Cause

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You never thought you'd slip and fall that hard, and you certainly never thought you'd get injured the way you did. You shouldn't get stuck with medical bills because of another person's negligence. A personal injury attorney from Scott Swajger Attorney at Law can help you seek coverage for the emotional and physical costs of your accident. Slip-and-fall attorney Scott Swajger can take your case to trial and demand your due compensation.

Call 703-915-9249 today to schedule a consultation with a dedicated slip-and-fall attorney in Woodbridge, VA. You can also count on attorney Swajger for help after your auto accident or work accident.

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3 reasons to call a personal injury attorney right after an accident

You might think there's plenty of time to speak with a personal injury attorney after your accident, but in fact, you could harm your case by waiting. You should contact a personal injury attorney right after you get into an accident because:

  1. Your attorney can make sure you don't say the wrong things to your insurance company.
  2. Your trial might take several years, depending on the severity of the case, and you need an attorney who's been there for you from the very beginning.
  3. Your attorney can make sure you're not forced into a ridiculously low settlement.

To find out what an experienced personal injury attorney in Woodbridge, VA can do for you, call 703-915-9249 now. You can schedule a consultation right away.