Major Charges Call for Major Defense

Defend yourself against felony charges in Woodbridge, VA by calling Scott Swajger Attorney at Law

When you're charged with a felony, a lot is at stake. As one of the highest forms of crime, you could end up with hefty fines and a lengthy jail sentence, especially if you don't have the right defense. Scott Swajger Attorney at Law can help you deal with felony charges.

Attorney Swajger has handled thousands of criminal cases over the course of his 28-year career. With him as your felony lawyer in Woodbridge, VA, you have a much better chance of lowering your charges.

Don't take felony charges lightly. Allow a professional to talk with the courts on your behalf. Connect with Scott Swajger Attorney at Law now for legal advice and guidance.

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We'll handle your felony charge from start to finish

You deserve a felony lawyer who knows how to tackle your case. When you hire Scott Swajger Attorney at Law for the job, he will:

  • Speak with you about the incident
  • Enter a plea on your behalf
  • Guide you through the hearing and arraignment
  • Defend you during pretrial or trial

You don't want to accept felony charges without a proper defense. Count on us to represent you in Woodbridge, VA. Contact us now to begin working on your case.