Fight for Your Rights After a Drug Charge

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Are you facing drug charges? If so, you need a criminal defense lawyer who can stand up for you in court. Retain Scott Swajger Attorney at Law.

Drug charges range from simple possession to major trafficking. Depending on the situation, you could face a fine or years in jail. Attorney Swajger's goal is to ensure that your side of the story is heard so you have a chance at lesser penalties or even dismissal.

Hire an attorney in Woodbridge, VA to help you handle these charges. Contact Scott Swajger Attorney at Law now to get the strong legal defense you deserve.

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Understand your drug charges

There are many different types of drug-related charges that you could be facing. Just a few examples include:

  • Possession - Having drugs on your person or in your home
  • Manufacturing or delivery - Creating or distributing illegal drugs
  • Trafficking - Transporting substantial amounts of drugs
  • Paraphernalia - Possessing equipment for the creation or use of drugs

If you're dealing with any of these charges, reach out to a criminal defense lawyer in Woodbridge, VA for help. Attorney Swajger can guide you through the legal process and defend your right to a fair hearing or trial.

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