criminal defense attorney woodbridge va

Just like you wouldn't like a doctor with little or no experience doing your surgery, don't choose a lawyer who handled a case like yours once two years ago. There is no substitute for experience. I personally will not be operated on by a doctor with less than ten years experience. Likewise I would not not want an attorney who did not handle my type of case routinely and have at least ten years experience.

I routinely handle cases where a person is at risk of life in prison. Those situations require a lot of experience. Demand experience when it is your life on the line.

With over twenty-five years experience as a trial attorney, I concentrate my practice on Criminal law. This includes traffic, all major felonies, all misdemeanors, juvenile cases and adults, DWI, DUI, license restoration. Because of my experience I also focus on many general practice services including wills, incorporations, general business law, personal injury, contracts, leases, and landlord tenant law.

Weekend or evening appointments available.